Maple Syrup Production Report


840Cover v3 Feb 11_16

Maple syrup producers may be interested in crop protection information that is commonly provided to operators of commercial tree nurseries in the horticulture industry.  Trees and shrubs supplied by commercial nurseries are used for urban and rural landscape projects, orchards, plantations and reforestation projects.

Naturally occurring insect pests and diseases that may be found on young trees during propagation are often the same pests and diseases that interact with trees and shrubs in sugar bushes and farm woodlots.

For detailed management and biology for common pests of woody plants (trees and shrubs), check out the new 2016 edition of OMAFRA publication 840.  Click the link below to order a copy.

The publication is currently being edited for download as a pdf online.  In the meantime, you can email our OMAFRA Contact Centre and request a free digital copy of the 2016 version at



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