Ontario Maple Syrup Production Report, Feb 24, 2021

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Welcome to the first instalment of the 2021 Ontario Maple Syrup Production Report! I aim to post every 2 weeks during the season with status updates of maple productions around the province.

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Larger growers all over the province began tapping a few weeks ago, some starting as early as January. Preparations are under way inside sugar shacks in operations of all sizes, with equipment being cleaned and calibrated. Fairly deep snow has been reported all over the province and producers are strapping on snowshoes to check their lines.

Despite COVID taking away important markets for certain producers in 2020, many reported an upsurge in sales as consumers turned to buying local. Some producers had to sell in bulk.

If you’re a smaller producer, or a larger producer with lots of people power, it is best to wait until low nighttime temperatures reach -8 to -5⁰C for a few days. Otherwise, you run the risk of the bark splitting during tapping, which causes issues with tree health and vacuum sealing.

A tree trunk with a large vertical split in it above and below a taphole.

If you’re new to tapping, the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association (OMSPA) has published a series of excellent videos. Click below to watch and don’t forget to leave a “like”!

Southwest Region

Monday was the first day of tapping for some producers in the region, and will continue throughout the week in anticipation for the first sap run.

This region experienced a wet winter, and we expect trees to produce well this coming spring due to the excess soil moisture.

Wellington Waterloo Region

Temperatures warmed up over the weekend and the 14-day forecast has the next two weeks looking good for sap flow. Producers will be out tapping this week.

Grey-Bruce Region

Though temperatures are hovering around the freezing point, cool wind and snow mean that small to medium-sized producers will likely not be tapping this week. Folks in the area have been out checking lines and making repairs in hopes to begin tapping next week.

Central and Eastern Regions

Producers in this area had quite a lot of snow, but some completed tapping this past weekend. Others plan to complete tapping by this week.

Eastern Ontario had a drought for approximately 4-5 weeks last summer, but no lasting concerns. Many in Eastern Ontario also sold out of syrup last year.

Algonquin Region

Producers in this region normally does not begin tapping until the beginning of March, though larger producers have begun. Snow is very deep in this area.

In terms of sugarbush health, this region had a dry spell last summer after a bumper crop of sap in spring. However, fall was quite wet and there are few concerns.

Northern Algoma

Similar to other areas, the large producers are currently tapping, but smaller producers will likely wait until March. Snow is expected this week.

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