April 6, 2022 Maple Syrup Production Report

Sap Flow Overview

It has been an eventful week! After last week’s freeze, sap flows reached seasonal highs from Thursday-Sunday. Producers from across the province on high vacuum reported collecting over 3 gallons (13.L) per tap, per day. However, the two-week forecast shows no more nights below freezing in the southern regions, and this is thus the last week of production for many in Southwestern and Waterloo-Wellington. Most folks in other regions are still holding out for low temperatures this coming weekend, but many have surpassed last year’s yields and are either at or are well on their way to an average crop year. No buddy sap has been reported yet, and sap is still mostly clear.

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This was the last week for most producers in Southwestern region, and some in the Essex region finished the week before. After a few days of excellent runs, the weather warmed up this week and is unlikely to dip below freezing again. No buddy sap was reported. Sap Brix was 1.7-2 and amber and dark syrup were made. Producers on lines have made 100 to 150% of an average year’s crop, with a few outliers making around 200%. Most are quite satisfied with the yield this year.


Thanks to last weekend’s runs, producers in this region have comfortably exceeded last year’s production. Sap Brix was 2.1-2.2 and producers are making amber to very dark syrup. No severe filtration issues were reported. Most will stop this week given the weather, as many are sitting at around 100% of an average year’s production.


Last week brought the best runs of the season and excellent sap quality. Brix ranged from 2-2.7, and syrup is anywhere from golden to dark. No abnormal filtration issues are being reported. Most producers in this region are hoping for freezing temperatures this weekend to provide them with a few more runs. There is no sign of bud swell in trees yet and the sap is still clear. Producers have made 80-90% of an average year’s crop.


Like most other regions, producers on lines reported excellent flows last Thursday-Sunday, but one small producer reported very poor flow last Thursday. Sap Brix was around 2.4-2.5, and amber to dark syrup was made. No abnormal filtration issues reported. Flavours are rated as great to excellent throughout, and producers have made 60-90% of an average year’s crop.


Sap flows were at their seasonal peak in this region as well this past week. Brix ranged from 1.9-2.4, and golden to amber syrup was made. No filtration issues were experienced. Producers are a little concerned that there will be no freezing in the next week, but most will hold on to see if Saturday brings another round of freezing. Some are predicting that this will be the last week, despite there still being snow in some bushes. Producers have made 70-100% of an average crop.

Lanark & District

Brix is reported around 2-2.2 and some have noticed it’s dropping. Producers are making golden, amber, and dark syrup this week, with some surprised at the amount of golden. Producers have had some filtration issues, and one commented that using large amounts of filter aid has helped. Producers are at about 80-110% of an average year’s crop. Some will be stopping this week as they are satisfied with their yields, but most others seem to be holding on for the cold this weekend.


Sap flow was excellent from Thursday-Sunday and good Monday and Tuesday. Brix ranged from 1.6-2.2 and producers made golden, amber, and some dark syrup. Golden is a surprisingly dominant colour grade this year in this region. Filtration is getting more difficult as the end of the season approaches. Snow cover is sporadic, buds have not started swelling yet, and sap is a little cloudy. Producers have made from 60-100% of their crop, and many are expecting that this will be the last week.

Quinte & District

Sap flows and quality were excellent after last week’s freeze, but has since slowed down. Brix content ranges from 2-2.6, and is dropping. Producers are making amber syrup. Some producers in Prince Edward County are disappointed in their yields so far, having only made about 60% of their crop to date. They feel that the season is ending at least a week earlier than normal years. In contrast, a producer on the mainland is at 100% of an average crop and is happy with how the season went. Most are keeping their vacuums on over the weekend, but speculate that this will be the last week.

Ottawa Valley

Producers on lines experienced great sap flow over the weekend, but smaller producers are still waiting for the major sap flows due to uncooperative weather. Producers are making amber and dark syrup, and flavour is excellent across the board. Some are experiencing significant filtration issues, but others have not reported anything out of the ordinary. Producers have made about 50-70% of an average year’s crop, with snow cover still present sporadically in sugar bushes.

Algonquin District

Sap flows started slow last week, but ramped up over the weekend, especially for those on vacuum. Sap Brix ranged significantly from 2.5-3.6, and producers are making some golden and mostly amber syrup. Sap quality is excellent. No significant filtration issues are reported, and flavour is excellent. Producers are at 40-60% of an average year’s crop. Smaller producers are considering pulling their spiles this coming weekend.


Reports from this region were that trees were still frozen last week. Some producers have only just flushed their lines. Those who have had runs are reporting sap Brix of 2.6-3. The weather this week and next week look promising, and there is still a few feet of snow in some sugarbushes. Depending on location, producers range from having made 0-30% of an average year’s crop.

What’s happening in your bush?

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