Maple Syrup Production Report Update

Sap Flow Overview

The continued warm weather of this week marks the end of maple season for most of the province, with the exception of Algoma and the northern Algonquin district. Buds are swelling, sap is becoming cloudy, and slight off-flavours are developing in finished syrup. The big runs most bushes experienced last weekend turned a below-average year into an average and even bumper crop year for most folks on vacuum! Haliburton-Kawartha in particular seems to have had an excellent season. Unfortunately, folks on buckets and even on gravity lines have had a more difficult year, with many reporting below-average yields.

If you’re a new producer, check out the blog posts with information on the end of the maple season, including what buddy syrup is and how to clean your lines.

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Sap flows slowed down by the end of last week, but some producers with bushes in cooler aspects are still experiencing decent volume. Most others who are on gravity or buckets have stopped for the season. Sap brix has been dropping and is down to 1.6-1.8 in the past week, and producers have been making amber and dark syrup. Flavour has been excellent, with no filtration issues reported. Producers on vacuum lines have made 110-130% of an average year’s crop. This is the last week for producers in this area.

Grey-Bruce & District

Most producers in this area have pulled the spiles, as sap flow last week was weak and many stopped just before the weekend. In some areas, sap continued to be collected early this week. Sap Brix on vacuum lines ranged from 1.7-2.1, but was reportedly up to 4.5 for buckets. Amber and dark syrup is being made. Though the syrup has been excellent compared to last year, this last batch brought some pre-buddy flavours. Producers are sitting at around 100% of an average year’s crop, and some are slightly over.

Simcoe & District

Sap flows slowed down by Wednesday of last week, and have been decreasing due to lack of frost. Sap Brix in the last week ranged from 1.8-2.4, with producers making amber, dark, and very dark syrup. Some producers reported making darker syrup than a normal year. Flavour is excellent. Producers are 100% of an average crop, with many over. No significant filtration issues are reported. Most people are pulling spiles this week.


Sap flows slowed on Wednesday last week for many areas of this region, but some experienced excellent flows on Tuesday April 11th. Sap Brix ranged from 1.5-2.3, with amber and dark syrup being made. Flavours this week were poor and had a mild buddy flavour, so most producers are stopping. Many in this area are reporting their best season ever, with most finishing well over 100% of an average crop! Those who didn’t stop production last week are stopping this week.

Lanark & District

Sap flows mostly finished up last week, but in some areas there were small runs early this week. Sap Brix ranged from 1.4-1.7 this week, and late last week a producer reported Brix as high as 3.25. Amber and dark syrup is being made, with no significant filtration issues. Most people were done on April 6 due to buddy syrup, and some made it through the weekend but stopped shortly after. Production ranged from 75%-125%, with most clustering around or slightly over 100%. Some have said it is their best crop ever.


Buds are swelling in this area and most producers finished up at the end of last week and over the weekend, with some having their last boil on Monday. Brix ranged from 1.8-2 and amber and dark syrup was made. Producers experienced significant filtering issues in the last week that were nevertheless consistent with the end of the season. Producers made 85-110% of an average year’s crop.

Quinte & District

Sap flow was good on the mainland until the weekend, when producers started reporting a pre-buddy off flavour. On Prince Edward County, good sap flows were still continuing early in the week for those on vacuum. Brix was around 1.7-1.9, lower values typical for the end of the season. Producers are making dark and very dark syrup. The end of the season will likely be this week for any remaining producers. It has been a record year for some on high vacuum, and an average year for most others.

Ottawa Valley District

Sap flowed well last week despite a lack of freezing temperatures. There is still snow in some bushes. Some had excellent runs starting on Monday April 11 and are considering continuing to boil through Easter weekend. Others finished early this week. Sap Brix ranged from 2 to 2.7, and amber and dark syrup is being made with little sugar sand. Folks on buckets are at about 80% of an average year’s crop, a little lower than average. Folks on lines are at around 100% of an average crop.

Algonquin District

Sap flow slowed down over the weekend but picked up again on Monday the 11th. Producers in the south of the region are seeing some bud elongation and slightly cloudy sap with dropping Brix. In the north of the region, sap flows are still steady. Average sap brix ranged from 2.2-3.2, but is dropping. Producers have been making amber, dark, and very dark syrup. Some have reported making darker syrup than usual. Filtration issues range from none to significant end-of-season niter. Most producers have made 90-110% of an average crop, with some outliers down around the 50% mark. Most in the north will be continuing production for another week, but many in the south have either finished or are pulling spiles this week.

Algoma & District

Sap flows this week have been fairly steady until the rain the last few days. Most are holding out for at least another week, as cold temperatures are in the forecast. Sap Brix has been around 2, and amber and dark syrup is being made. Some producers also reported making darker syrup than usual. Some are having significant filtration issues with unusually high amounts of niter for the time of year, while others are having none. Producers have made about 80% of an average year’s crop.

What’s happening in your bush?

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