April 21, 2022 Maple Syrup Production Report

Sap Flow Overview

The maple season is still churning along for producers in the northern regions and a few in Ottawa Valley. More happy reports are coming in of record-breaking yields. I’ve heard from more than a few who have stopped production not because of the weather or buddy syrup, but because they have made enough and just want a break! It looks like this will be the last week of the 2022 maple syrup season for most of the province, save for a few producers who have bushes located in the very coldest aspects.

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Ottawa Valley District

Most of Ottawa Valley finished by last week, but producers on vacuum in colder regions near Pembroke are still going. In these areas, sap flows are high but sugar content is quite low around 1.6. Producers are making dark and very dark syrup. In warmer areas, both hard and soft maple buds are starting to elongate. Filtration issues vary, with some producers reporting a slimy niter that has been clogging up the presses, while other are reporting a year of below average niter content. The last of the producers expect to finish by the end of the week.

Algonquin District

This has been another week of steady sap flow for producers in northern Algonquin, though some are experiencing lower flows than others. Brix ranges from 2.1-2.3, and light amber to dark syrup is being made. There have been no issues with buddy syrup yet, though some are mentioning that the syrup is less flavourful than earlier in the season. No filtration issues are being reported. Several folks in this area have remarked that it has been a record year, with some are closing in on 200% of an average year’s crop! There is no sign of bud elongation and producers will continue for another week or two.

Algoma & District

Sap flow this week has been steady. Producers in relatively warmer areas are looking to continue production for at least a few more days, but those with bushes in colder aspects are hoping for another week or two. Some in particularly cold areas think they are around mid-season in their production. Brix reports fluctuate from 1.5-2.5 and producers are making amber, dark and very dark syrup, a bit darker than normal. The soft maples have budded out but sugar maple are behind. No filtration issues reported. Most producers have surpassed their average annual crop yield, and some on buckets have also done very well this year in this region.

What’s happening in your bush?

If your bush is still running, I want to hear from you! I aim to update this blog weekly throughout the season. Bookmark this quick and easy 9-question survey – all responses welcome, but responses on Mondays or Tuesdays are preferred. You can also text, call, or email me with updates at:

Mobile: 519 835 5872

Email: jenny.liu2@ontario.ca

Many thanks to producers large and small who have already participated!

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