Weekly sap flow survey reminder

If you’re in Algoma or Eastern, please fill out the sap flow survey by noon tomorrow (Wednesday) if you wish to contribute to the weekly report. I would love to hear from you even if you have already pulled your taps. Everyone else is of course still welcome to fill out the survey or share any interesting findings from their year. You can also text or email me with updates at:

Mobile: 519 835 5872

Email: jenny.liu2@ontario.ca

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2 Responses to Weekly sap flow survey reminder

  1. Corey Broster says:

    Collected some cloudy sap today, I will boil it up to see what happens! All taps removed as of today, April 24. Also, thanks for doing the report. I find it very helpful.

  2. Frank Heerkens says:

    All done and pulled by April 11.. frank here

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