Growing Forward 2 Funding Assistance Program for Producers, Organizations and Collaborations

Growing Forward 2 (GF2) is a federal-provincial-territorial program aimed at encouraging innovation, competitiveness and market development in Canada’s agri-food and agri-products sector. In Ontario, farm, food and bioproduct businesses, collaborations and organizations can build their own plan and select opportunities to help grow their profits, expand their markets and manage risks.

Areas of Focus for GF2 Funding Assistance

Producers, organizations and collaborations can apply for funding assistance in six focus areas, with an emphasis on innovation:

  • Environmental and Climate Change
  • Assurance Systems (Food Safety, Traceability and Animal Welfare)
  • Market Development
  • Animal and Plant Health
  • Labour Productivity Enhancement
  • Business and Leadership Development

Capacity Building Funding Assistance

Cost-share is available to support eligible clients to acquire additional skills, to undertake in-depth assessments and audits, and to develop business plans.

Building capacity helps prepare clients to apply for further cost-share to implement a project.  Applications for capacity building funding assistance will be accepted on a continuous basis.

Some examples of Capacity Building activities are:

  • Cost-share fees for qualified consultants (e.g. Professional Engineer) to conduct an assessment.
  • Produce a written report and plan that provides recommendations for implementing improved irrigation and fertigation management BMP’s (e.g. field and greenhouse operations).
  • Energy Use Assessment for existing farm buildings that will reduce the dependency on power and fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Prevention plan for Wildlife Damage – help reduce crop, livestock or property damage caused by managed wildlife species.
  • Market Assessment, Marketing Plan, Communication Material Design.
  • Integrated Pest Management Planning.
  • Cost of Production Assessment.
  • Succession Plans, Expansion Plans, Human Resources Plan, Business Plan.

Implementation Funding Assistance

Clients may be eligible for cost-share for projects that help to achieve their business goals.  Applications for project implementation will be reviewed and assessed based on merit. Having a detailed business and/or workplan, budget and applicable permits and approvals in place prior to submitting an application will increase your success in securing cost-share.

Individual farm businesses may be eligible to receive up to $350,000 over the five-year program (April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2018)

Producers are strongly encouraged to attend a free capacity building workshop such as Canada-Ontario Environmental Farm Plan (New 4th edition) and Growing Your Farm Profits.

Important Dates:

June 26, 2013 – ongoing application intake for Capacity Building Funding Assistance from all eligible clients

October 28, 2013 to December 12, 2013 – Application intake for Implementation Funding Assistance from organizations and collaborations

December 16, 2013 to January 30, 2014 – Application intake for Implementation Funding Assistance from all eligible clients including, producers, organizations and collaborations

Please visit the GF2 website.

OMAF and MRA have a full listing of programs and services for Ontario farmers on the website and in the Factsheet ‘Programs and Services for Ontario Farmers’. For more information please visit  or call the OMAF and MRA Agricultural Information Contact Centre to request a hard copy of the Factsheet at 1.877.424.1300.




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