Ontario Maple Syrup Production Report for April 19, 2017

The season ends

The maple syrup processing season for 2017 is now completed in all regions of Ontario.  Thank you to all the maple syrup producers who took the time to provide sap flow and syrup crop reports during the production year.  The maple report would not be possible without producer assistance.

Sap and syrup activity

The latest syrup producing areas in the north are boiling their last batch of sap and syrup this week, after a busy final few days of sap runs.  Buddy off-flavours are now present as sugar maple buds have pushed out of winter dormancy.  In northern regions, snow remains in some areas on north facing hills.

Northern regions of Algoma, Algonquin and Ottawa Valley report syrup production this year ranged from 0.7 litres syrup per tap, up to 1.5 litres syrup per tap.   All colour grades were processed, mainly Golden and Amber with a smaller amount of Dark syrup showing up near the end.

In the north, producers who were tapped and ready in February during the early thaw were able to process 15 to 20 percent of their syrup crop earlier than normal, where modern vacuum sap collection tubing is used.

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2017 Summer Maple Conference and Tour

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