Ontario Maple Syrup Production Report for March 10, 2021


Sap is running! Tapping has been completed throughout most of the province. Producers in the south have already had several boils. Producers further north have also had their first sap runs this week due to the unseasonably warm temperatures of the last few days. Sap flow will likely slow again as temperatures drop next week.

This year, there are widespread concerns about gypsy moth. Keep an eye out for brown masses the size of a toonie on your tree bark.

Some larger producers will be contracting aerial sprayers to deal with the larvae after hatching. Some with smaller acreages are scraping off egg masses with pocket knives while out fixing leaks and tapping. Drop these egg masses into soapy water for a few days to kill the caterpillars, then discard them.

Many producers use the first sap flow of the season to rinse out their lines and make sure they are clean for the oncoming runs. Click here for more information.

Southwest Region

The last growers finished tapping last week, and many were boiling by the last week of February. Growers have processed from 50-75% of the expected crop, based on 1L of finished syrup per tap.

Sugar content is variable and ranges from 1.8 to 2.6 Brix. Golden and light amber syrup are being made, with good flavour.

Waterloo-Wellington Region

Producers have finished tapping, and some have had multiple boils while some are hoping to for a first boil today or in the next few days. The first run of sap has come and gone and been used to flush out the lines. Some producers found higher sap Brix than usual, and most syrup made was golden.

Grey-Bruce Region

Growers report making approximately 5% of their full crop by the end of last week. All syrup was golden. After the initial flush, sap has been clear and runs range from partial to full. Sap sweetness in the last two weeks has hovered around 2 Brix. 

Central and Eastern Regions

In some regions, first sap flow occurring a little over a week ago, with some producers reporting 5 or 6 runs and larger runs this week. Other producers just had their first runs today, and are hoping to boil today or tomorrow. Sap sweetness has been reported at 2.4 Brix.

Algonquin Region

Most producers in the region have completed tapping. Sap started running yesterday for some. There have been no boils yet, but producers are hoping to begin today or tomorrow.

Northern Algoma

Producers completed tapping this week and are waiting for the first run. While the next two days will be warm, daytime temperatures are expected to drop below freezing in the next few weeks.

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  1. David Lesley says:

    Thank-you, yet to tap 1.5 hrs North of Ottawa

  2. Colette Freeman says:

    Thanks, Jenny. We have completed 4 boils. Golden to dark. Snow is nearly gone on the crest of the ridges but lots in lower areas. Sap is still flowing well and getting into darker grades. Barmont Maple , Otter Lake, Huntsville. Julian Montpetit Colette Freeman

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