March 1, 2022 Maple Syrup Production Report

Sap Flow Overview

Producers across southern Ontario are getting ready for this Sunday, which promises the first major sapflow weather of the season. The warm spell will extend as far north as the north shore of Lake Huron, but if daytime highs are far below freezing in the days leading up to Sunday, trees will likely still be frozen.

Southwestern Ontario

The last few producers are finishing tapping this week in anticipation of next week’s sugar weather. Of those who are already tapped in and had lines flushed, boils this week produced maple syrup ranging from golden to amber, with good flavour and no filtration issues. Producers who started early have made up to 15% of an average year’s crop, but many will be getting their first runs next week.


Approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of Waterloo-Wellington local producers have completed tapping and are fixing leaks in preparation for Sunday. Some producers have reported more animal damage to tubing than normal. Next week looks to be good sugaring weather.

Gray-Bruce and Simcoe

Larger producers have mostly completed tapping and some have had their first boil. Sap Brix is around 1.8 and syrup is dark with no filtration issues. Some areas have very cold nights coming up between now and Sunday, and it is uncertain how many trees will have thawed out enough to run.

What’s happening in your bush?

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Eligible participants include:

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