Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership

The Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP) is a five-year agreement between Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial governments that will help improve productivity, competitiveness, and resilience in the agri-food sector. It replaces the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP).

Ontario will see upwards of $1.77 billion in support over the life of the agreement, from 2023-2028. This agreement will be finalized this month and come into force on April 1, 2023.

What does this mean for you?

Among other programs, Sustainable CAP will fund:

  • Cost-shared programs to support producers in a variety of programs and services that are tailored to meet Ontario producers’ needs. Details on these programs will be released as they become available. (Important: Expenses incurred before April 1, 2023 will not be eligible for cost-share. If you are planning to make a large investment, it may be worth it to wait and see if your program area is covered.)
  • Business risk management (BRM) programs that will help producers manage significant risks threatening the viability of farms (e.g. AgriStability, AgriInvest, etc.)

Sustainable CAP will focus on 5 key priority areas:

  • Building sector capacity, growth and competitiveness
  • Climate change and environment
  • Science, research and innovation
  • Market development and trade
  • Resiliency and public trust

Read more about these priorities in The Guelph Statement.

More details on programming will be provided on this blog as they become available. Current information can be found on the Government of Canada website and through the Ontario government’s news release.

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