Hello from the new Maple, Tree Nut and Agroforestry Specialist!

Hi everyone!

My name is Sophie Krolikowski, and I am the acting Maple, Tree Nut, and Agroforestry Specialist for the next year while Jenny Liu is on leave.

I have some big shoes to fill but I am up for the challenge and really look forward to meeting some of you over the next 12 months!

My education and professional background focus on a mix of agriculture and environmental science. I have a BSc in Agriculture and Environmental Science from McGill University, where I specialized in environmental biology and plant biology and a Master’s of Environment and Sustainability from Western University.

I spent over 5 years at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada where I co-lead projects in the realm of pesticide resistance and plant-insect interactions. More recently, I was OMAFRA’s Cereals Specialist where I collaborated with winter wheat producers and industry members to create a network for sharing information on improving yields through improved production practices.

On a more personal note, I love spending time outdoors on hikes and swimming in the river with my dogs and husband in our hometown of Paris, Ontario. As an avid backcountry camper, I am very passionate about preserving our natural ecosystems and forests.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or if you have a topic of interest that you would like to see on the blog.

I plan to continue with the great work that Jenny has done and communicate any upcoming educational activities, government funding opportunities, seasonal developments/emerging issues as well as the yearly Sap Flow Report.

Looking forward the year ahead!


Email: sophie.krolikowski@ontario.ca
Cell: 226-962-6710

Note from Jenny: I’m heading off for a year of maternity leave – terrifying! Thanks to everyone who has gotten in touch via the blog and for your enthusiasm in following along with updates during the maple season. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy year!

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10 Responses to Hello from the new Maple, Tree Nut and Agroforestry Specialist!

  1. Terry Hoover says:

    I hope to see you at the OMSPA Summer Tour in Lanark.
    If your near Listowel.PLease drop in.
    Terry Hoover

  2. Steven Veldt says:

    Welcome Sophie, congratulations on your acting position. I hope to meet you through the maple community. A backcountry enthusiast as well, I love my time in the woods either at work or most recently on the Killarney La Cloche Trail.

    • Sophie Krolikowski says:

      Thank you Steven! I hope we can meet too, I will be at the Summer Tour next month. Would be happy to meet a fellow backcountry enthusiast 🙂

  3. Bruce Johnsen says:

    Welcome aboard

  4. Rick Wright says:

    Hi Sophie

    Congratulations to Jenny!

    Rick Wright here in Muskoka. A couple of things im interested in. First, I’m a small producer on pails, (75 taps), and there are a number of us here. Can you add muskoka to your list of areas covered in the sap flow report?
    One other thing is invasive species in the maple bush. European swallowort, aka dog strangling vine, (DSV) is all over central ontario, and im concerned about the effects on syrup production. Is there any studies or reports about that? DSV is just arriving here now.
    A blog post specifically on filtering systems for syrup would likely be welcome for the small producers as well.


    • Sophie Krolikowski says:

      Hi Rick!

      Thanks for the comment and suggestions 🙂 Let me look into those and get back to you!


    congrats on the new job. hope to see u in July . take care. frank heerkens, president of OMSPA

    • Sophie Krolikowski says:

      Thank you Frank! I will be at the Summer Tour for sure. Really looking forward to it and meeting everyone!

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