Upcoming forest pest webinars

Happy November! It’s time to begin thinking about pest management for next year, especially for folks who struggled with LDD moth in 2020-2021. Here are some free webinars to keep you updated on the situation.

LDD Moth Webinar: A review of our 2021 experience, and a look forward to 2022

Wednesday Dec 1, 2021, 7-8pm EST

Hosted by the Forest Health Network. Tune in for a situation update, getting ready for 2022, and management from urban and woodlot perspectives.


  • An introduction to the pest and its impact, and getting ready for 2022 (Eric Boysen)
  • A forester’s perspective on LDD management in oak woodlands (Fraser Smith)
  • Dealing with LDD issues in an urban environment (Jason Pollard)
  • Aerial spraying to combat LDD – background and planning considerations (Paul Zimmer)

Link to registration can be found here.

Past LDD moth webinars hosted by various parties are listed below:

Forest Health Review 2021 (October 28, 2021; recording available until early December 2021, Forests Ontario)

LDD Moth: Taking stock of current management options in ongoing outbreaks (October 13, 2021, Invasive Species Centre)

LDD moth webinar (June 10, 2021, Forest Health Network)

Forests under attack: the history, dispersal and management of the gypsy moth (August 2020, Invasive Species Centre)

Oak Wilt Webinar

Tuesday, Nov 23, 2021, 9am-12pm EST

Hosted by the Forest Health Network. Join for an overview of the pest and updates on prevention and mitigation research across Canada and the US.


  • Oak wilt overview (Richard Wilson)
  • CFIA update (Erin Bullas)
  • USDA update (Bruce Moltzan)
  • Ontario research update (Sharon Reed)

Registration and detailed agenda found here.

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