Cost-Share Funding Alert: Canadian Agricultural Partnership Intake is Open

(Adapted from ONFloriculture)

Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) funding is open from now until 5pm on December 6, 2021.

Some quick facts:

  • CAP offers cost-share funding to support farmers, processors, and other businesses
  • Cost-share percentages range from 35%-50%
  • Depending on the project, CAP will cover from $1,500 to $50,000 of project-eligible expenses

Historically, producers have used CAP funding to help pay for new equipment (such as remote monitoring systems and pump station automation), and to bring their businesses online. However, there are many areas where the CAP can be used to improve your business and sugarbush health in addition to equipment upgrades:

  • Develop New Products or Processes
  • Windbreaks and Wind Strips
  • Education, training, Assessment, and Planning (Plant Health)
  • Market Products in Canada
  • Evaluate Your Business Potential
  • Financial Analysis
  • Food Safety and Traceability Gap Assessment and Pre-Audit

To see the program guide with all applicable categories and their limits, click here (and make sure to click through all 4 pages!). For a quick overview/printable version, click here.

Remember that cost-share funding under the Partnership is merit-based and project funding amounts are individually established based on project categories. In some cases, increased cost-share is available for projects showing an advanced innovation level.

What you need to apply:

Visit OSCIA’s website for more information on programming, important dates and application requirements, or to apply.

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