Weekly sap flow survey reminder

The end of maple season is nigh! Please fill out the sap flow survey by noon tomorrow (Wednesday) if you wish to contribute to the weekly report. I would love to hear from you even if you have already pulled your taps. Reports on ice storm damage are also welcome. You can also text or email me with updates at:

Mobile: 519 835 5872

Email: jenny.liu2@ontario.ca

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  1. Ray Bonenberg says:

    The Ottawa Valley area also experienced unusual high temperatures that saw the melt of significant snow pack in 5 days. buds in red maples very flushed, sugar maples in open and in the plantation are started to flush. Trees in center of forest and in cool wet areas not flushed. sap running slowly and quality fair to poor. boiled April 17 with very dark made…a slight bitter aftertaste but palatable. waiting to see if below zero temps hit us this week before quitting and pulling taps.

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