April 19, 2023 Sap Flow Report

Sap Flow Overview

As of this report, the maple season has come to an end for everyone but some folks in Ottawa Valley and Algoma region. Most folks were done by mid-week last week, and some were able to hold out until the end. The prolonged and unusual hot weather melted significant snowpacks and caused both hard and soft maple across the province to bud out.

Despite the abrupt end to the maple season, it seems that most folks are clustered around an average year’s crop. However, conditions were far from average. Many went the whole season without experiencing a single large run. Others are cleaning up in record-high temperatures. Still more folks across the province reported experiencing unusually large amounts of sugar sand right up to the last boil. With climate change, we can likely expect these strange seasons to become the norm.

There will be one final instalment of this report next week for Ottawa Valley and Algoma regions only. Thanks to all who contributed their observations this week. I will send out another reminder to fill in the survey next Monday for those in Ottawa Valley and Algoma.

For the maple syrup production report below, find your regionĀ here.

Waterloo-Wellington (2 respondents)

Producers finished last week. One respondent reported that the sap was just beginning to get cloudy when he stopped producing. Mostly dark and some amber syrup were produced. Folks made 1.3-1.45L of syrup/tap.

Grey-Bruce & District (3 respondents)

Sapflow stopped in this region by the week of April 10th. By then, producers were making dark and very dark syrup. Respondents made 80-135% of an average year’s crop, reporting 0.7L, 1.35L and 1.6L/tap.

Simcoe & District (3 respondents)

No sap was collected in this region this past week, with folks pulling taps around the week of April 10th. One producer reported Brix ending at 1.7 degrees, which was lower than average, and very dark syrup. Respondents made 95-135% of an average year’s crop, reporting 1.1L, 1.44L, and 3L/tap. Trees are leafed out.

Haliburton-Kawartha (9 respondents)

Everyone here is likewise finished, with most pulling taps by April 11th. One respondent had their last sap flow over the weekend. Folks were making amber and dark by the end. Average production ranged from 70-125%, with most clustering around 100% regardless of being on buckets or lines. Syrup/tap ranges from 0.7 to 1.2 L. The producer with late-ending sap flow is not seeing spring weather yet, but most others are reporting trees budding out.

Quinte & District (2 respondents)

One respondent reported very little sap flow in the past week, and the other had none. The two respondents each made about 100% of an average year’s crop, with a producer on buckets making 0.5L/tap and a larger producer on vacuum at around 2.07L/tap.

Lanark & District (3 respondents)

All respondents here have pulled their taps, making amber to dark syrup with the last of the sap. Producers made 75-120% of an average year’s crop, with actual yield at 0.4, 0.7, and 1.3L of syrup/tap.

Eastern (6 respondents)

All respondents here have pulled their taps as of last week. Last Brix measurements ranged from 1.5-2.2, and amber but mostly dark syrup were being made. Producers made 70-125% of an average year’s crop and actual yield ranged from 0.6L of syrup/tap to 2.1 L of syrup/tap. Several producers remarked that the ice storm hindered their sap collection.

Ottawa Valley District (5 respondents)

Sap flow varied in this region, from none, to intermittent, to one producer on vacuum lines reporting excellent flows despite the unusual hot weather. Amber, dark, and very dark syrup were made. A few producers are still holding out until the end of the week to see if freezing temperatures make a return, and sap is of fair to poor quality. Soft maples have budded out, but hard maples in cool wet areas or at the center of the sugarbush have yet to swell. Folks made 60-85% of an average year’s crop.

Algonquin District (12 respondents)

Sap flow varied predictably in this large and diverse region, with reports ranging from no flow to excellent flow. Sap seems to have stopped for good by last Friday, April 14. Brix ranges from 1.5-2.4, and amber, dark, and some golden syrup were made. Most folks are sitting at 70-120% of an average year’s yield, clustering around 100%. One producer on buckets made 150% of an average year’s crop. Actual yield ranged from 0.3L-1L/tap for producers on buckets and 1-1.35L/tap for producers on vacuum. A handful of respondents aren’t seeing signs of spring yet, but all other reports have maple budded out.

Algoma & District (4 respondents)

3/4 respondents reported slow to mediocre sap flow last week. One producer reported that all sap from last week had to be dumped due to poor quality. Two respondents on gravity lines and buckets are reporting having made 20-33% of an average year’s crop, and two on vacuum reported making 70-100%. Actual yield ranges from 0.2-0.75L of syrup/tap. Three of the four respondents have ended their seasons.

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