April 27, 2023 Final Sap Flow Report

Sap Flow Overview

The 2023 maple season is finally over all across Ontario. Reports coming in have confirmed that folks in colder areas had below-average seasons, with some from Algoma and the northern Algonquin region making as little as 50% of an average year’s crop. Producers in the latest-producing regions are busy cleaning up.

Big thanks to everyone who generously contributed their time to sharing updates week after week in the busiest time of the year. It’s been a ride. Have a wonderful spring!

For the maple syrup production report below, find your regionĀ here.

Ottawa Valley Region (4 respondents)

Two respondents had their final sap flows on April 17-18, but the others were done by the second week of April. Folks were into amber and very dark grades by the end. Producers made 65-100% of an average year’s crop, and actual yield ranged from 0.8-1L/tap. Most respondents commented on how difficult of a year it had been weather-wise.

Algoma Region (4 respondents)

Most respondents finished in the week of April 11, but one producer on gravity lines was still collecting as of April 25. Respondents made 25-100% of an average year’s crop. Actual yield reports summarized from a larger subset of producers from ranged from 0.25L-2.5L syrup/tap. Two respondents commented that this year’s syrup was light all season and became dark very quickly at the end.

PPAQ Bulk Syrup Pricing Updates

There were some questions about the PPAQ’s new bulk pricing for this year. A Google translated pricing table is below, with original data from the PPAQ site here.

There will also be a financial penalty for under- or over-density maple products.

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